My Suit Has Arrived

I received an awesome package this weekend that I was anxiously awaiting (seriously, I cant tell you how many times I checked this tracking number on FedEx website). I hurried home from the gym and tore that package open quicker than I have ever opened any other package.

As you may know I ordered my suit from Water Babies Bikini online. This is my first time ordering a suit and a friend told me she knows people who go through them. I must say I love it! The color is exactly what I was hoping for, the attachments I picked I love, and the size fits perfectly! The picture below does not do justice to how pretty the suit is, I must say I do love it! The cut that I ordered was perfect, and the sizes. My only complaint if I must find one is that the padding is much less than I thought and expected. When I spoke with them on the phone she said it was a lot of padding, I feel its less than a push up bra would offer. I am going to have to find something to supplement the padding as it is simple not enough. Other than that, everything with the suit is good!

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