1st NPC Competition


Although I have not divulged on the fact that competing has been a goal of mine for the last four last four years when I accidentally discovered Oxygen Magazine at Fred Meyer’s Magazine section, as soon as I saw the women, fit and strong I became interested with following and reading as much as possible. This last year it progressed from a dream to a goal. This was a crazy journey, a ton of hard work and dedication, a ton of being scared and not knowing, researching, and talking to as many people as possible.

Last December (2011) I was at a point where I said okay, enough it enough, I have got to change something with my body. I re-upped my subscription to Oxygen, and a few more (Muscle & Fitness Hers). I cleaned out the pantry, and went overhaul grocery shopping, luckily at the time Oxygen had a month-long meal plan that I followed at first. This got me in the groove. One issue I have always had, and I feel like this was a huge hindrance to my success over the last few years was relying on others to assist me in my workouts. With my headphones in tow I finally got enough confidence in the gym to navigate myself. I relied heavily on bodybuilding.com and YouTube.com to learn how to properly perform my strength training routines. Once I knew enough to do it on my own I knew that I could do this, I knew that I could set a goal to complete. I started my workouts last December, was on my own by January and set the goal to complete in my first competition that June. I bought my heels, and took a posing class….after the class I realized I was in way over my head. I did not feel ready after looking at some of the other girls, I also was not sure if it was something I would be able to do, step on stage. As a result, I dropped my date, decided to just concentrate and work on developing my body.

A few months later I set my sights on a show again, October 13th 2012, I printed a countdown calendar, and decided to do it no matter what. At about 13 weeks out something really great happened to me. I met a girl at the gym who happened to be training for her first show also, she was also planning on her first show being the same show as me, AND we were in the same height class. We connected instantly and I cannot tell you how much support she was. All of the details we worked out together, and learned together, and researched and shared information with each other, and we found a posing class to take together.  We both were very successful at our first show, we took the first and second place spots in our height class. I will be sharing information that we learned for anyone who also has the dream or goal of competing. It’s a tough journey, it is very intimidating, and there is a ton of information to be learned.


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